“Hey man, wanna buy some Lane chips?"

Swarthy, scarred, and chipped out. Gidget boasts a friendly demeanor, but that can change on a dime. Decent hand with a cyberdeck, and trying (mostly failing) to work on her ‘people skills.’

Buy her a cup of soycaffe and she’s your friend for the day.


As an ork growing up on the mean streets of Seattle, Gidget didn’t have a variety of options. Well, she could choose what gang to be a part of…so she had a few options.

None seemed too chill until she found the Scatterbrains: a gang of mostly goblinized metas. With them, she didn’t catch any drek about her face, which meant her knuckles had a chance to finally heal up a little.

Plus, they let her express herself. Like, creatively. And if that meant plastering pornographic recording on all the AR screens during a children’s variety show, so be it. Gidget had found the most important thing of all: people who got her.

Turf: The Scatterbrains own Mukilteo City Park in Everett, where their customer base comes to burn trashcan fires (for warmth) and buy BTLs (for distraction).

Associates: Being the chief dealer for the Scatterbrains, Gidget is never far from her escort, an imposing wall of troll muscle called Flak. He discourages interference in the business, and makes sure no one gets any ideas about the small wealth of credsticks Gidget has stashed on her by the end of a workday.


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