Sgt. Jaime Graham


“You call it ‘blackmail,’ I call it ’pro-bono labor. ’Soymayto, soymahto."

Clean-cut, handsome (for a human), and savagely efficient, Sgt. Jaime Graham is often confused for a Johnson/Schmidt/Jones; an affect he’s painstakingly cultivated and ruthlessly exploited during his comparably short stint as a Lone Star Officer.


Jaime Graham and Ken Liang went through Lone Star Basic Training together as bunkmates, eventually developing what could be best described as a non-hostile rapport. After graduation, Jaime was primed for a beat job (and eventually a desk) in Seattle’s Tacoma district, while Ken was transferred to REDACTED as a correctional officer.

After REDACTED, Jaime agreed to scrub Ken’s Corp SIN to list him as DECEASED; since then the two have worked in a cautious association, Jaime as a fixer, Ken as a ’runner.

Locale: Sgt. Graham can usually be found in Basil’s Faulty Bar in Tacoma, sipping Taéngelé on the rocks.

Associates: Jaime has seemingly flouted Lone Star policy and engaged romantically with a subordinate officer: Sadira Wasim Quaraishi, an elf patrol officer. She and her dwarf partner Drew Hammond often meet Jaime for off-duty drinks at Basil’s. Various salacious rumors about the three of them crop up occasionally in the ’runner scuttlebutt, but no official charges have been made inside Lone Star, to current knowledge.

Sgt. Jaime Graham

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