Das Boot

Ex-Cop Vigilante

5 5 5 3 3 4

SKILLS: Close Combat 7, Firearms 10, Heavy Weapons 8, Pilot Ground 6
SHADOW AMPS: Essence: 3 (–2 Magic/Heal)

  • Custom Cybereyes 2: Cyberware. Ignore vision modifiers, reroll 2 on ranged attacks. –1 Essence
  • Wired Reflexes 1: Cyberware. +1 Attack. –1 Essence
  • Pain Inhibitor: Cyberware. Ignore injury modifiers. –1 Essence
WEAPONS Dam Close Near Far
Unarmed 3S OK
Cyberspurs 5P OK
Auto Shotgun 9P OK OK

Armor: 12 [Armor vest]
Condition Monitors (P/S): 11/11


Rumors have it that the street vigilante known as “Das Boot” was once a security officer for Lone Star before she lost her job after butting heads with the higher-ups. Whatever the case, she rides a turbo-charged Harley-Davidson Scorpion just like the old Seattle Lone Star cops used to, and wears “decommissioned” armor and leathers reminiscent of the old Lone Star uniform.

She is one of the most feared vigilantes in Seattle, and even the Knight Errant goons have been known to turn a blind eye to her “good deeds” in the Barrens.

Das Boot

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