Elf Technomancer

2 3 4 5 3 2

SKILLS: Acting 6, Firearm 4, Hacking 10, Tasking 9, Tracking 8
SHADOW AMPS: Essence: 6

  • Emerged: Has access to resonance amps and uses LOG + LOG to resist Matrix.
  • Resonance Spike (complex form): Cybercombat. Damage = 5S. Defense L + FW.
  • Stitches (complex form): Effect. Target sprite heals 1 damage per net hit.
  • Static Bomb (complex form): Effect. Invisibility to Matrix/Drone for 2 Narrations.
  • Tattletale (complex form): Effect. Target rolls Overwatch.
WEAPONS Dam Close Near Far
Unarmed 1S OK
Cyberspurs 5P OK -2

Armor: 6 [Armor clothing]
Condition Monitors (P/S): 9/10


Isis is a teenage technomancer that works as an information broker. She can usually be found in the matrix using a child avatar dressed in a Lolita style dress and having long golden locks and deep blue eyes. She is very mischievous and will joke about almost anything. But her information is always good and precise. Her price? More information. Information is her currency, be it actual data, a backdoor somewhere, gossip, if you can meet her price she will give you all the info you need. No one knows why she need s all of this information, but don’t try asking her about it or you will find yourself unable to find any information broker ever again.


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