Anarchy is Dead

Dual Duel Rules:

1) Must wield dual weapons.

2) No instantly lethal weapons permitted e.g. vibro-whips, (goes to her code of honor; the point is the challenge, not a bloodbath).

3) No lethal blows with weapons.

4) Challengers may “submit” at any time. Once they do, the match ends, no more blows may be dealt in the match.

5) The person being challenged may not submit. They do not have to accept the Challenge to fight, but if they do, they must compete until they are victorious or until they are beaten.

6) A competitor is “beaten” when they no longer rise to fight. A downed fighter has 3 seconds to begin rising before considered “beaten”.

7) Otherwise, the victor is the fighter still standing with two weapons in hand once the other has either submitted or been beaten.

Reigning Champion: Caterina “Cat” Pullman


sirlarkins sage_morris_greene

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