janet.pngThe name’s a mouthful, but the Executive Secretary from Saeder-Krupp is a true marvel of modern engineering. The core piloting program is a semi-autonomous knowbot for all intents and purposes, learning the mannerisms and schedule of its owner and factoring those in on responses and in trying to maximize workflow. They handle standard datapushing tasks, manage finances, keep books up to date, clean, file, take notes, and, oh yes, they can also be pressed into service as additional security when needed, with a subtle armored core around the most vital internal parts, fully articulated hands that can handle a wide array of weaponry, topped off with enough speed and power to deliver mortal blows even unarmed.

Absolutely amazing.

Similar Models: Sony Orderly-4, Ares Pygmalion

6 6 0 6 0 0

SKILLS: Close Combat 9
SHADOW AMPS: Essence 0 (cannot be targeted with WIL or healed)

  • Armor Plating 2: Damage Reduction 2
  • Audio Analyzer: Interpret voice commands
  • Lifelike: +4 to Acting (disguise)
  • Knowsoft: Knowledge skill of choice

Armor: 9 [Natural armor]
Condition Monitor: 10P


GMC Bulldog


This long-running top seller from GM is a capacious (and armored!) delivery van favored by everybody from legitimate shipping and logistics companies to security agencies to heavy mob crews to shadowrunners. It has lots of room for people, gear, or whatever you need to move, plus an engine and chassis that can take a ton of punishment and keep on running.


Enfield AS-7 Shotgun


This military assault shotgun provides its user with massive firepower. As a close-quarters weapon and general combat gun, it is universally feared. It can either be loaded with ten-round ammo clips or a special twenty-four-round drum. The Enfield AS-7 comes equipped with a built-in, top-mounted laser sight.

Weapon Damage Near Close Far
Enfield AS-7 9P OK -2

Note: May take -2 at Near to hit two targets at half damage.


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