Skills list

The following list shows which Attributes link to which Skills, and provides some examples of what kinds of actions each Skill can accomplish. For quick reference, each Skill on a character sheet shows a letter denoting the linked Attribute.


Though Strength is not linked to any Skills, this Attribute determines the Physical track on the Condition Monitor (see Damage, Armor, and the Condition Monitor, and it increases the damage of Close Combat actions.


Athletics: Running, jumping, swimming, and acrobatics.
Close Combat: Armed melee combat, unarmed melee combat, and martial arts.
Projectile Weapons: Bows, crossbows, throwing weapons, and certain critter attacks.
Firearms: Pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, and rifles.
Heavy Weapons: Machine guns, assault cannons, missile launchers, and grenade launchers.
Vehicle Weapons: Vehicle-mounted weapons, drone-mounted weapons, and pintle mounts.
Stealth: Sneaking, palming, and pickpocketing.
Piloting (Ground): Cars, trucks, bikes, even tanks. Wheeled and tracked drones too.
Piloting (Other): Boats, planes, and pretty much anything that moves on something besides ground.
Escape Artist: Escaping bindings, contortionism, and shaking a tail.


Conjuring: Summoning and banishing spirits. Magicians only. Cannot use untrained.
Sorcery: Spellcasting, ritual spellcasting, enchanting, and counterspelling. Magicians only. Cannot use untrained.
Astral Combat: Astral/spirit combat. Astral plane only. Magicians only.
Survival: Wilderness survival, navigation, and fasting.
Close Combat: When attacking spirits only.


Biotech: First aid, medicine, and cybertechnology.
Hacking: Computer hacking and cybercombat.
Electronics: Computer hardware and software, cyberdeck repair.
Engineering: Auto repair, aircraft repair, and boat repair.
Tasking: Summoning sprites, threading complex forms, and other Matrix tasks. Technomancers only. Cannot use untrained.
Tracking: Physical tracking, Matrix tracking, and shadowing.
Knowledge Skills: Languages, interests knowledge, and professional knowledge.


Con: Con artistry, acting, performance, and etiquette.
Intimidation: Influence, interrogation, and torture.
Negotiation: Bargaining, contracts, and diplomacy.
Disguise: Camouflage, cosmetics, costuming, and digital alteration.

Skills list

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